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Safeguard Child Resist Cannabis Packaging

Designed to protect raw flowers, infused candies, capsules and mints, The Safeguard was engineered to meet and exceed all child-resistant legal requirements. Offering a more tasteful, unique way to package your products, The Safeguarddesign features safety locks to be sure that only knowing, mature adults can successfully open it.

47 x 105mm

47 x 105mm


Dimensions 47 x 105mm

Suggested use 7g flower

47 x 72mm

47 x 72mm


Dimensions 47 x 72mm

Suggested use 3.5g flower

47 x 38mm

47 x 38mm


Dimensions 47 x 38mm

Suggested use 1.75g flower

30 x 98mm

30 x 98mm


Dimensions 30 x 98mm

Suggested use 4/5 Pack of 0.5g’s

37 x 69mm

37 x 69mm


Dimensions 37 x 69mm

Suggested use 10x Dogwalkers or edibles

26 x 50mm

26 x 50mm


Dimensions 26 x 50mm

Suggested use Small candies

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