Bureau Exclusive    Child-Resistant     Biodegradable Version Available    

CR Safeguards

Designed to protect raw flowers, infused candies, capsules and mints, The Safeguard was engineered to meet and exceed all child-resistant legal requirements. Offering a more tasteful, unique way to package your products, The Safeguard design features safety locks to be sure that only knowing, mature adults can successfully open it.
47 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 47 x 105mm

Suggested use 7g flower

72 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 47 x 72 mm

Suggested use 3.5g flower

38 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 47 x 38 mm

Suggested use 1.75g flower

98 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 30 x 98 mm

Suggested use Pre-rolls

69 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 37 x 69 mm

Suggested use Vape cart and candies

50 mm Safeguard

Dimensions 26 x 50 mm

Suggested use Small candies

Treatment Options

For more customization requests, please contact sales@thebureau.nyc

The Safeguard