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CR Jar with Airtight Silicone Ring Technology

Presenting our flagship glass storage solution, the 30 Dram CR Glass Jar Featuring our Patent Pending Airtight Silicone Ring Technology. Once the lid is securely fastened onto the jar, the silicone ring maintains contact with the mouth of the jar, even when the lid is twisted and pulled. Not only does this eliminate the need for heat induction sealing, but it is also more effective because it continues to seal the jar every time the cap is closed. A heat induction liner is only effective as a one-time airtight seal, once the liner is peeled off by the end customer, the jar does not maintain airtightness.

Matte Painting

Foil Stamping (Bottle)

Foil Stamping (Cap)

Screen Printing

  • Eliminates the need for heat induction sealing
  • Maintains airtightness every time the lid is closed (as opposed to a once-off airtight seal)
  • A far more user friendly and premium experience for the end consumer
  • Thick glass means no breakage and high-grade jar
10oz CR Glass Jar
10oz JAR

Dimensions 90 x 74mm

Suggested use 14g flower

30 DRAM JAR (3.75oz)
30 DRAM JAR (3.75oz)

Dimensions 70 x 60mm

Suggested use 3.5g flower

1oz jar)
1oz JAR

Dimensions 48 x 43mm

Suggested use 1.5g flower

Treatment Options

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