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Non CR Premium Jars

Our Premium Jars are a high-end solution to store your flower. The Dome Jar is inspired by classic architecture and brings an organic, natural feel to your displays while celebrating the beauty of its contents using the iconic design. The Highball takes note from classic whiskey drinking glasses and is a straight-edged, frosted or clear receptacle for your flower products. The Pod is inspired by the shape of a seed, preserving its contents with style and distinction.
Glass Dome
Glass Dome
64 x 48 mm
Use 3.5-7g flower
Acrylic Dome
Acrylic Dome
64 x 48 mm / 81 x 62 mm
Use 3.5-7g / 7-14g flower
Pod Jar
61 x 52 mm
Use 3.5g flower
Highball Jar
51 x 67 mm / 73 x 89 mm
Use 7g / 14g flower
Premium Jars