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CR Slide Tins

Our CR Slide Tin case line is a shining example of our mission to perfect function and form in the industry. Featuring durable tin casing and numerous insert possibilities, the CR Slide Tin is a multi-functional packaging solution to protectively store your most coveted products.
Large CR Slide Tin
Large CR Slide Tin

Dimensions 120 x 87 x 18mm

Suggested use5 or 7 pack joints / candies

Large– CR Slide Tin
Large Minus CR Slide Tin

Dimensions 95 x 75 x 16mm

Suggested use5 pack joints / candies


Add Plastic Insert

Add Foam Insert

Add Tin Insert

Add Window

Add Foil Liner


Medium+ CR Slide Tin
Medium Plus CR Slide Tin

Dimensions 134 x 51 x 16mm

Suggested use3 pack joints / vape cart

Medium CR Slide Tin
Medium CR Slide Tin

Dimensions 100 x 54 x 16mm

Suggested use3 pack joints / candies

Small CR Slide Tin
Small CR Slide Tin

Dimensions 83 x 53 x 15mm

Suggested usevape cart / small candies

Treatment Options

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CR Slide Tin