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CR Paper Boxes

Minimalistic and eco-friendly, our all-paper CR box is an effective way to store vape carts, disposable pens, starter kits, and candies. The box features capsule shaped paper “buttons” that must be pressed in and slid downwards to unlock the inner tray. These “buttons” are capsule shaped to compliment the natural shape and movement of one’s fingers as they slide downwards. The outer box and inner tray are fully customizable with endless printing options: custom Pantones, foil stamping, spot UV, etc. The box size and product trays are also customizable to your exact specifications.
CR Cart Box
Cart Box
46 x 20 x 95mm
Disposable CR Box
Disposable Box
46 x 20 x 147mm
Vape Starter Kit
Vape Starter Kit
73 x 21 x 113mm
Chocolate Box
Chocolate Box
63 x 20 x 155mm
CR Paper Box